Monday:  Ladies’ Day

Monday is ladies day on the range. Every Monday ladies will get to shoot for free. So grab your friends, boyfriend, or other half and head on down for a free day of shooting. We also offer free assistance to those that need a little instruction on their firearm or just some pointers on how to shoot better. If you’re not a current Bellevue Gun Club member we will waive the membership requirement for the day. Signed range rules and liability waiver is still required.

Tuesday: IDPA Night

IDPA Match Practice is held every Tuesday night. IDPA matches use practical equipment to solve simulated “real world” self defense scenarios.  All participants will need a concealed carry holster, a double mag pouch and 50-100 rounds of ammo.  IDPA is a fun way to get real world defense practice!  Sanctioned matches will be coming soon. Starting time is 6:30. $12.00 Fee

Wednesday: Co-Ed Shooting League

The InSights Co-Ed Shooting League is a combination of coaching, education, and friendly competition for students who have attended InSights fire-arms classes (or equivalent) and want to practice and improve their skills.

With a focus on safe and proper gun handling, participants will shoot a 50–100 round course of fire per session. The League will meet once a week for eight weeks, with a final fun-shoot and awards night. There will be two levels—Level I for new shooters and those who have been away from shooting for a while, and Level II for those who have been through GDH or equivalent.

Level I: $12
Courses of fire focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship and safe and proper gun handling.  This level is for beginners or anyone who has been away from shooting for a while.

New! An earlier course time has been added to the schedule. The Co-Ed Shooting League Level I is now offered at 6:30pm-7:15pm AND 7:15pm-8:00pm. Please make sure to select the correct time when registering.

Level II: $12
Courses of fire focus on defensive shooting skills. All firing is done from the holster, with an emphasis on safe and proper gun handling, tactics, accuracy, and speed.

Friday: Rifle League

If you’re looking for some fun, fast paced, friendly competition the Friday night rifle league is for you. The rifle league is held every Friday night in the training bay with set up and walk through starting at 7:00 pm. You will get to shoot 50 or more rounds from behind and around barricades, left hand, right hand and with required mag changes. Don’t forget to bring your pistol for the pistol transition during the course. $12.00 fee.

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